Micro-PackS : A technical platform

An R&D Technology enabler for smart object innovation

Micro-PackS is a collaborative platform in the microelectronics ecosystem located in the South-Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.


If you work for a start-up, SME, a large group, a research center, you can

                         -  benefit from technical resources and expertise at a competitive cost

                         -  accelerate the launch of your new products.


All the R & D and prototyping work carried out on the platform is valid for Research Tax Credits.


Founded in 2006, with the support of government investment and members, this non profit organization ( defined under the french law 1901) is part of the Competitiveness Cluster SCS "Secure Communicating Solutions".


The funders :

Value added



To provide for members, start ups, and small business partners :

  • 650mof clean room
  • 200m2of laboratories
  • more than 100 equipments
  • 9 M€ total investment


  • Foster innovation
  • Contribute to industrial development
  • Advise on best processes, practices and new technologies


  • Linking different actors
  • Encouraging meetings and cooperation
  • Potential synergy on joint projects


Cycle time

  • over 95% of the request are performed in less than one week and fifty percent in less than two days


  • > 97% :  of reliability on known prototyping


  • Confidentiality : on working support
  • Cooperation : pooling know-how and exchanging expertise while protecting intellectual property


  • Prototyping and small series 
  • "CIR" tax credit Approval
  • Expert network (academics and industrial)

Results over one year

requests done
equipment rental hours
scientific publications
R&D funded projets 


A platform open to all

Micro-PackS works with you to understand your needs, find a solution or connects you to the right experts.

Three key points unables us to be flexible and adapted to your needs : 

  • Members
  • Small business and start ups
  • External Partners

To take the next steps, please contact us.