RF Pre-certification and diagnosis

To bring new products to market as quickly as possible, it is important to demonstrate early compliance and interoperability through early, thorough and effective testing.

service area

service area


Micro-packS test service

Availability of pre-certification test benches for validation before having the proof of concept (to anticipate standard issues).
Micro-packS platform offers pre-certification benches and expertise on demand, with academic lab partnership.

Two levels of services

  • access to a pre-certification test suite bench ( booking and payment per day): your expert run test suites and analyze results. Specific tests can also be developed.
  • on demand: a specific technical agreement is defined with our academic partner

Two areas

  • HF test bench for smart card/ Id documents (standard ISO14443 ) ,NFC label and associated reader device with ISEN-IM2NP Toulon partnership.
  • partnership of UFH test bench for RFID TAG ( standard Iso18000/EPC ) associated reader device with the AMU-IM2NP Marseille partnership.