Printed electronics

Printed electronics is a merging technology associating microelectronics and foil technologies to design flexible Integrated Smart Systems (ISS).
Printed electronics is covering a wide range of ISS products: smart cards, RFID Tags, Wireless sensors, Smart label, Smart clothing, Chemical and biology sensors,
and is particularly useful for flexible interconnect technologies: wafer printing for 3D integration, printed wires.
Micro-PackS platform has invested up-to-date R&D printers to develop and prototype innovative low cost ISS combining ‘printed’ functionalities (interconnects, antennas, energy microsources, sensors…) with silicon IC chips on plastic foils.
Micro-PackS offers expertise in following fields:

  • Ink development
  • Surface treatment
  • Printing conditions
  • Sintering/annealing treatments
  • Encapsulation


from a wide range of R&D equipments:

  • Inkjet printers
  • Screen printer
  • Sintering and oven equipments
  • Associated characterization tools

In addition to micropackaging line, major equipments are inkjet printer, screen printer, sintering/oven equipments and associated characterization equipments.

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Manufacturing process development Access to pre-industrial equipments
Marketing and Strategic desire to make products flexible (portable or implantable) incorporating electronics Microelectronics on plastic materials
Unusual properties (weight, flexibility)
Electronic equipment increasingly communicating Low manufacturing cost
Reducing manufacturing costs of various products: Tags, ID cards, active packaging, labels and smart clothes, biological and chemical sensors Wide fields of application: transistors, photodetectors, (LEDs, batteries, NVM Emerging products…) with strong integration capabilities
Synergies between chemists, micro electronics and equipment


dek 260
dek 260