Industry and academia pool their resources and expertise to deliver quality services and maintain the fleet of equipment to the state of the art. Large companies, SMEs, SOHO and research institutions coexist and co-use platform Micro-packs into a holder innovation and development. They ensure the technologic sustainability of the clean room by current investments in new equipments to meet the demand for business innovation and carry out projects promising future.

Founding members

The founding members, precursors of the platform, are now both the largest and most important representatives of users.

Newcomers 2013

Sunpartner Technologies provides innovative, sustainable, and immediately workable solutions for the complex, unique needs of our partners and clients.
CROCUS Technology
Crocus Technology is a leading developer of magnetically enhanced semiconductor technologies for mobile security, embedded microcontrollers, harsh environment electronics and magnetic sensors.

Startup link partners

Provider of a disruptive thin film deposition technology enabling ultrabarriers for next level durability in large area electronics
Specializes in the design, manufacture and commercialize of innovative medical equipment from a control device function tests based on micro-technologies.
Keolabs (Soliatis)
Provider of testing tools for card and reader in contact and contactless technologies
Today’s leading developer of innovative inks based on nanoparticles and nano-composites for tomorrow.